Ryan Entertains and Gives Clinic at America's Largest Outdoor Golf Expo :: Haggin Oaks

Ryan Winther was a featured pro at the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo in Sacramento, CA. Interviewed on stage by Frank Larosa and ESPN 1320 and puting on a short driving demonstration and clinic at the range. Ryan put on a show and gave insight as to his keys to power and distance.


Titleist Performance Institute, Featuring Ryan Winther will air Monday May 13, at 5:30 EST (8:30 PST)

Hosts Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips, joined by TOUR players and golf experts, take golfers through TPI's 4 part analysis of the golf game. This Monday May 13th, Ryan Winther will be featured, going over what makes him the most powerful athlete in golf. Tune in to see the secrets to Ryan's power and see what you can adapt and work on to put more power into your drives.


Ryan Winther and Graeme McDowell at Timacuan Golf Club in the Orlando area

Ryan participated in an event recently, along with some of the other KRANK Golf team at Timacuan Golf Club in Orlando. US Open Winner Graeme McDowell also participated and had some fun with the guys after the event Kranking some drives on Tee #1. Check out Graeme's tweet:




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Ryan Winther Sets Guinness World Record For On Course Carry Distance With A Bomb Of 430 yards!

Comcast SportsNet filming at the first hole of The Course at Wente Vineyards in Alamo, CA captured this historic drive. The final record breaking drive carried and stuck, just past pin high at a staggering carry distance of 430 yards. Setting a new record for carry distance on a course under 1000 meters in elevation. Although a few drives before sailed well past this length into the vineyards, rules specify that witnesses must see the ball land to be able to count toward the official Guinness World Record... so this might not stand long the way Ryan keeps pushing the limits of long drive distance!


Ryan Sets Guiness World Record for Ball Speed at 235.1 MPH!

Ryan challenged his own Guinness World Record for ball speed of 217.1 MPH this April at his charity golf tournament at Rancho Murieta Country Club. In dramatic fashion, Ryan not only broke his current record, but shot past his personal goal of breaking 230 MPH for the day with a monsterous drive registering a unbelievable 235.1 MPH. A dramatic and entertaining finale to his Celebrity Charity Golf Tournament and a great start to 2014.